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Logistic Support

Logistic Support

Ganioğulları, which adds strength to your power with its logistic support for the energy sector, enables businesses to use their infrastructure and equipment efficiently with the opportunities it offers to international companies.

Ganioğulları, which adds strength to your power with its logistic support for the energy sector, enables businesses to use their infrastructure and equipment efficiently with the opportunities it offers to international companies. Problem free processing of equipment, infrastructure and workforce support is required for the maintenance and success of existing facilities. Ganioğulları, which provides solutions to the challenges in the traditional energy market, offers all the logistics opportunities needed in the fields of renewable energy and energy mix from a single center. Our brand, which is among the world’s giants in energy logistics, allows to increase the productivity of stakeholders serving in the energy sector with its quality, compatible and security solutions. At the same time, we help to reduce costs with the logistics services we offer.



With our energy solutions and special expertise services, we are at your side in all areas of the logistics process such as visibility and risk management, environmentally friendly logistics, customs, security and insurance, integrated freight, integrated contract, logistics consultancy and management services, transportation and distribution, storage and order management. With our logistics solutions, we enable you to be competitive in the sector and help you to get the share you want from the cake. Ganioğulları, who organize all the processes you need to optimize your supply chain, offers all the equipment to gain competitive advantage in the sector. We offer activities for your needs in storage and order management within the scope of logistics management we offer for small and large businesses such as joint or private storage and distribution of goods, transit storage services, custom design, construction and management of logistics facilities, ordering, storage and dispatch to consumers, packaging, preparation and customization services, pre-sales and pre-market customization and product assembly, facility logistics services within the production that are different from each other.


Ganioğulları, who carries out all the operational processes you need in order to maintain the management and supervision of the logistics processes smoothly on behalf of you, manages everything you need to achieve your goals. Ganioğulları, which offers the logistical power required by the international energy market at the highest level, offers efficient logistics services for each project according to your specific needs. Our company, which carries out the logistics planning and implementation of the most important tools of the energy sector without being exposed to the negative impact of geographical difficulties, enables the logistics strategy to be fully designed and presented. Ganioğulları, which offers turnkey projects, maritime transport and air transport, transportation engineering, port terminals, customs logistics planning, purchasing support and much more, optimizes the entire organization process that the industry needs.


We offer our services in many different areas from air and sea transportation to direct distribution solutions in the international arena with the transportation and distribution services within the scope of our logistics services. We offer the services of managing and carrying out all the transfer operations you need, from oversize or heavy cargo transportation to land transportation, from a single center. We offer strategic guidance in optimizing the supply chain design and performance with the consultancy and management services we offer within the scope of logistics solutions. We ensure that you have an effective organizational process in our qualified service items such as finding and managing product and supplier resources, managing all aspects of product withdrawal processes, and support of pre-sales and after-sales services. Within the scope of our integrated contract logistics services, we offer different services such as managing all supply chains and operations, controlling material flow to optimize inventory, carrying and managing after-sales spare parts and materials, managing maintenance and repair and operation supply chain, and delivering products directly to customers.


With our integrated freight logistics solutions, we offer services such as managing the operations of the entire supply chain, cargo exit, consolidation and cargo destination management services, renewable energy project logistics, fully integrated activity, special transportation for renewable energy vehicles from a single center.